Meet Our Team

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Trudy-teamTrudy Hendricks

Executive Director

Trudy Hendricks, Executive Director, began her journey in health care 37 years ago as a nurses aide on the midnight shift of a nursing home. Through the years, she made the most of every opportunity to learn and grow, working many positions.  One thing she noted right off was that health care needed change.  Every effort of her career has been dedicated to create and refine a person centered approach to care. Recognizing that every person is unique and different, she loves to hear the stories of people’s lives. The cornerstone of her philosophy is respect for the human being and the conviction that we are never finished improving the quality of life, quality of care.

Trudy is originally a native of Iowa, but has spent the last 26 years living and working in Southern California.  She moved to the Pacific Northwest with her daughter in October of 2013.

rob-teamRob Davis

Plant Operations Director

Early in his life, Rod had an affinity for elders.  At age 10 he was doing odd jobs and even making breakfast for a neighbor.  He grew up about 65 miles from Shelton, in Raymond, Washington.  For the past 25 years, Rod has worked in plant operations. Twelve of those years have been right here at Alpine Way. He gets a lot of satisfaction in helping people who live at Alpine Way.

Rod has two brothers, David and Dan.  Dan is the Dining Services Director.  In his spare time Rod enjoys spending time in the great outdoors camping.  He also loves spending time with his dogs.

Chef Dan Davis

Dining Services Director

…started his career harvesting Christmas trees. He became a restaurant dishwasher to get out of the weather, and discovered that he enjoyed food service.  His boss told him that if he wanted to be a cook, he had to come in on his own time to train with the cooks. That is exactly what he did.  Dan has worked in many different kitchens, from roadside diners to upscale restaurants, and he received additional training at the Culinary Institute of America.  He planned to work at Alpine “for about a year to get management experience.”  Instead, he ended up staying, 17 years so far, because he likes the residents and the challenge of incorporating their input into his menus. Dan is married with two daughters. In his spare time, he raises pugs and enjoys sports.