Dining Experience at Alpine Way

Alpine Way has an anytime-dining approach to meals. That means, in addition to the great selection of entrees, you will also have the flexibility to dine on your schedule. For residents preferring a lighter fare, the kitchen also offers Cascade Selections.

The Kitchen is known for conjuring up tasty home-cooked meals, which are reminiscent of a time when meals were made from scratch, with the highest quality ingredients. Our award-winning Chef, Dan Davis, is well-known in the local community for his tasty, creative, and nutritious recipes.

Alpine Way | Senior living dining roomAlpine Way offers Anytime Dining. We hope this enhances our resident’s dining experience, by allowing them to retain a meal schedule that best suits their needs. In addition, we are also offering restaurant-style dining. This means a kitchen attendant will take the individual’s order, at their table, and then serve them their meal.

The Kitchen provides 3 home-cooked meals per day to its senior residents. At each meal, the residents are given 2 entrée options to choose from.  The Kitchen offers another menu called Cascade Selections. This menu provides a lighter sodium, fat, and calorie content option. Along with meals, Alpine Way also provides nutritious, delicious snacks throughout the day!

The dining room is spacious and lends itself to a relaxed friendly meal experience. In the winter months, residents can be seen chatting with each other as they enjoy their meal by the large fireplace. In the summer months; one can bask in the sunlight-filled dining room. The dining experience at Alpine Way promotes a peaceful, pleasant environment to share our meals and our stories.

Alpine Way | Assisted living formal dining room

Formal Dining Room