Shelton is a community whose economy was built around logging, farming, dairy, and oyster cultivation. Incorporated in 1890, the town has a rich history and culture that can still be seen today. Over 100 years later, logging and lumber milling have survived as the main industries.
Shelton is situated at the southern-most tip of the Puget Sound, and only 35 minutes Northwest of Olympia. The area boasts dense forests and pristine shorelines.  Known as the “Christmas tree capital,” by some, visitors are often awed by the immense majestic evergreen trees that dot the shoreline and forest the hills. Both Mt. Rainier and the Olympic Mountains are visible in the distance.

With a population of 9,800 people, Shelton is large enough for varied interests but small enough that it remains a warm and friendly community. We encourage residents and family members to participate in town events. With gatherings like the Oyster Festival,  Fantasy Forest, the Forest Festival and Logging Show, Art Walk, or the Mason County Fair, there is always an opportunity to socialize and meet community members.