Alpine Way | Senior Living LifestyleProviding around Around-the-Clock care and peace of mind to our residents is just one of the reason we are so excited about the EverWell philosophy of care. By providing 24-hour licensed nurses on-site, in addition to our support staff, we are taking a proactive approach to the health of our residents. It means we can offer exceptional care, and promote the highest level of independence possible, in a safe environment.

Our goal is to take exceptional care of our residents so that those, “unavoidable trips to the hospital,” become avoidable. They can get the care they need in a familiar, friendly and healing environment.

The benefits of the EverWell program include:

  • Consistent, high quality care 24-hours a day, 7-days a week
  • Direct response to a resident’s needs
  • On-site resident assessments to develop customized care plans
  • Direct physician orders can be taken over the phone
  • Professional health monitoring and direct communication with physicians and family members to contribute to the development of effective treatment options
  • Unnecessary emergency room visits may be prevented by on-site nurse assessments and direct communication with physicians
  • Respect and support for end-of-life issues
  • With the addition of licensed staff, communities experience fewer issues with behaviors associated with memory loss, skin ulcers and medication errors

Most importantly, both our residents and their families can be confident in knowing that a licensed nurse is available around-the-clock to meet the special healthcare needs of all our residents.


The “Sweet Success” of Our Diabetic Management Program

Professional Nursing Care – Our supportive licensed nursing staff can accommodate those with insulin-dependent diabetes, by providing assistance with blood glucose monitoring and insulin administration. Besides medication administration, our nurses also check for other changes and conditions that are common in diabetics, which may be undetectable by non-licensed staff. Changes detected or concerns are communicated to the resident’s physician in a timely manner. Additionally, our nurses are available to our residents and their family members to serve as professional resources to answer general questions about diabetes, dietary needs and medications.

EverFit Program – Most diabetics benefit from daily movement and exercise. Moderate exercise can lower blood sugars and increase cardiac health improving over-all health. Our EverFit programs offer a range of activities that help keep our residents active and healthy. Programs can be tailored to fit individual needs as well.

Cascades Choice Dining –  Our dietary menus are designed to meet the needs of seniors. Healthier options for lower fat, lower carbohydrates and lower calories can be found on our menus by looking for the “Cascades Choice” logo.