Assisted Living in Shelton, WA

At Alpine Way, our approach to assisted living consists of ensuring that every resident’s needs are met through our commitment to 24-hour Around-the-Clock nurse staffing. Quality care for senior living residents is our priority. Whether it is total-assistance bathing or diabetic care, we provide skilled nursing staff throughout the process.

At Alpine Way, we believe that each person’s dignity, privacy and autonomy should remain an important aspect of the aging process. An example of this commitment can be seen in each room where the resident is provided with private shower facilities making the process of bathing a low-stress activity, where personal privacy can be maintained, regardless of the level of assistance needed.

We continue the commitment to our residents by making accommodations for our married clients. This means we want to ensure that our married residents can still spend their days, and nights, together, even if they require different levels of care.

Choosing the Alpine Way assisted living lifestyle means we take care of the details: delicious meals or scheduled health appointments, so you can spend time with friends, participate in local outings or even reduce your stress with the gentle movements of our Everfit Program.

Assisted Living Amenities

• Administration of medications & treatments
• 24-Hour clinical management
• Assistance with medical appointments
• Communication with physicians as needed
• Regularly scheduled care conferences with family
• Care coordination with outside services such as podiatry, dieticians & hospice care
• Frequent nurse assessment to ensure appropriate care
• Family support & education