Dementia Care in Shelton, WAOur memory care program uses a technique for dementia care that is called the Gentlecare© approach. This means that residents are able to retain a sense of autonomy throughout the disease process. By providing the individual with autonomy and power in the decision-making process, each resident is able to follow their own schedule instead of using predetermined routines in the aspects of their daily life while living in a safe, secure and familiar environment. The level of stress is reduced, combative behaviors decrease, the level of powerlessness decreases, and residents can grow in a friendly, positive environment with constant care.

Another part of this approach is seen in our 24-hour kitchen. The kitchen maintains staff and a pantry stocked with nutritious, delicious well-balanced foods. Residents are able to choose when they eat and what they would like to eat. If there is a favorite food the resident likes then it is made available to them.

The memory care unit is particularly enthusiastic about the opportunity they provide married couples when one of the partners is suffering with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Alpine Way maintains that a couple should have the choice to continue living their lives together. That is why if it is their preference, we place married couples in the same room, even if their level of care varies. We are able to do this by providing the appropriate care needed for each member of that couple.